Work Health and safety policy

The Work Health and Safety (WHS) is the first priority in our company and she states this approach with the slogan “protect your health, protect your work”. For creating the safe and most importantly, a health work environment, everybody is obliged to do what is needed within his/her authority. One of our most important targets is to preserve the environment against the possible risks of our sector.

Accordingly, we commit as our work health and safety policy ;

– to take all kinds of precautions according to the WHS regulations in effect and the other requirements related with WHS and maintain tools, means and personal protective equipment in order to ensure the health and safety of the workers, solutions partners, visitors and company personnel working outside the work place in the work places and other building sites,

– To determine and eliminate the unsafe situations which may cause occupational disease and work accidents in the work places beforehand by making uttermost efficient risk evaluation,

– To determine all risks which may cause work accident and occupational disease in the work place, to ensure the health and safety of all employees and visitors, subcontractors and to decrease all kinds of material and spiritual losses which may occur in the future for them and their families,

– To provide the training in the work health and safety field to our employees and to ensure that the have the work safety awareness,

– To ensure that the visitors present and subcontractors serving in the work place follow the rules related with work health and work safety,

– To predict and continuously develop the possible risk situations which may be encountered with in the future by considering the development of the industrial and sectoral business world,

– To ensure the continuity of our work health and safety management system, established and maintained accordingly.